Emma Jackson
Driving Lessons
Jaqui is extremely patient, caring and very understanding. I was very, very nervous on my first lesson and Jaqui put me at ease straight away. I am so happy that Jaqui is my Driving Instructor and I tell everyone how amazing she is!!

Brook MaCrae
Driving Lessons
I would highly recommend Jaqui/Jax to everyone! She is A great teacher! Jaqui is gentle, good fun, kind and easy to get on with, which are some of the key qualities which Jaqui has to be the perfect Driving Instructor. Jaqui is so down to earth and I have a good laugh and chat with her all the while learning something new on every lesson! Jaqui is genuinely an incredible Driving Instructor and I will definitely be recommending her.

Judith Eltringham
Driving Lessons
Very Reassuring. "You have got this", "we have got this" Jaqui put me at ease from our very first meeting. Her encouragement and support are amazing. Her communication skills are excellent. Jaqui has made some terrific suggestions for conquering my fear of higher gear changing. Her positivity and enthusiasm are infectious. This makes a huge difference. As a mature learner, I have nerves that perhaps a younger learner would not have, but Jaqui continues to put me at ease with her bubbly personality and calm support. Jaqui makes me feel so confident and relaxed. I feel like I have known her for ages. She is so helpful and considerate.

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